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The Coca-Cola story begins in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1886. John S. Pemberton invents a new drink. Two of the ingredients are the South American coca leaf and the African cola nut. Pemberton can’t think of a good name for the drink. Finally, Dr. Pemberton partner Frank M. Robinson suggests the name Coca-Cola and writes the new name in a special way — and that becomes the famous trademark.

Thirty years later the famous Coca-Cola bottle design first appears. The style of the bottle and trademark are very important for the success of the drink.

For many years, they make only Coca-Cola. They also introduce new drinks — Fanta. Sprite and TAB — in the 1960s, and diet Coke in 1982.

The recipe of Coca-Cola is a secret. In 1985the company does something almost incredible. They change the recipe! But the public is very unhappy. And, soon after, they bring back the original recipe: “Coca-Cola Classic”.

Today they sell Coca-Cola in 195 countries. Hundreds of millions of people, from Boston to Beijing, drink in every day. It has the most famous trademark in the world.

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