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How to improve your vocabulary

Vocabulary is one of the most important components of learning foreign languages.

There are many ways of improving vocabulary. It is better if you have a system of learning new words. For example, you may learn 10 words a day; you put these words in your pocket note-book (electronic device) and cross them out when you memorize them. In addition to this, some words should be nodivided into groups, like: trees, fish, meat, etc. You may reward yourself with a bar of a chocolate if you are successful. Reading foreign literature, especially classical one, may enlarge your vocabulary. With the help of reading you may understand when and how to use proper and suitable words.

Moreover, if you are ready to spend some money you can learn new vocabulary with pleasure by watching cable TV channels or DVD films.

Nowadays, computer technologies may serve you in your study, including vocabulary level. There are dozens of catching computer programmes with user-friendly interfaces. Besides, a man can use World Wide Web to his benefit. For example, a man can visit websites of the largest newspapers (e.g. The Times, the Daily Mirror, the Guardian, etc.) read and translate their articles on different topics.

And the final recommendation: I strongly advise you not to use these tips separately. On the contrary you should combine them and you will find success in learning vocabulary.

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