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30 facts about England

1. English are very hospitable people, always can invite someone for a cup of coffee.

2. The fact that there is all love tea with milk - it's not true. If you ask at the hotel for a breakfast of tea, then they are at least three types of call, and then asked whether to add the milk there.

3. What about real estate I do not know, but the hotels have a very good and cheap, for example, a room for one person - about 60 pounds per night, with all the amenities and breakfast.

4. What they have for breakfast is always oatmeal or other cereal - it is also not true. Basically it is something fat (sausage or bacon, for example), toast and eggs.

5. And in general - breakfast is required, the British never miss it.

6. Children are very different.

7. A lot of different hairstyles, hair colors, especially popular bangs gel rises.

8. About homosexuals: not all relate to them well. Stebut, beaten, bullied, it's all there, do not think that is only in Russia.

9. By the way about the mentally retarded there are so many. Continuing on the street, you can meet someone "shaking."

10. It's unbelievable all the chatter at each other, just do not believe it: even the best of friends can lay quietly to each other, it is in order.

11. All just love shopping: heap any clothing stores, electronics and household goods usually bought on the Internet.

12. About goods company Apple - they have very few people, and if there is, it is mainly iPods.

13. In general, the feeling that the music is not very popular in England occupation: rarely can be found walking man on the street with headphones in their ears.

14. Although England and is one of the safest countries in the world, but there is still all go to companies because they fear something might happen to them.

15. The fact that there is constant rainfall, generally true.

16. In winter, the snow almost falls out, and if they fall about 10-20 cm, then you are likely in the morning call and tell you that the job you can not come.

17. British - very patient and punctual people: for example, if they are told that we should wait for something around 3 or 4 days, then they are sure to stick the note on the fridge that.

18. The English have a lot of interesting stories, and if they start to tell you something, I suggest waiting to hear to the end or you will be offended.

19. All the English are very fond of coffee from Starbucks: can three large cups of coffee to drink in one sitting.

20. Smoking is not very popular, to the same 10 pack of cigarettes costs 5 pounds (250 p.)

21. Learn all just hate because it is difficult and laziness.

22. Especially problematic in the English and mathematics. If we do mathematics is divided into algebra and geometry in the second class, they have it going on in the university.

23. Wages they simply gigantic. Such teachers are more than 3,000 pounds per month (150 000 rubles).

24. From the clothes they wear, in Russia, you can simply make a parade of idiocy. I have here the second year of live and still amazed.

25. Very hard to find a barber shop: If you need a haircut, you have to search the internet or salon to ask friends.

26. Speaking of friendship. Here you can easily find a friend with the same interests.

27. Sport they are not very popular, most of all love rugby.

28. The British do not like to dance.

29. Cooking also do not like: to eat, they will call you in the restaurant.

30. Cinemas have a very weird and not comfortable, and the food is just awful, so better watch movies at home.

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