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Body Language

Surely, all of us have noticed that people can transmit the information not only through speech, but with gestures and facial expressions. But few know that most of the information people convey non-verbal ways. Gestures, posture, the distance between the interlocutors - every detail carries information. Most gestures are innate. For example, a simple movement like a negative shaking side to side one’s head.

Let’s imagine a little child which even can not to speak. Every time when he has eaten enough porridge he moves his head from side to side trying to avoid an encounter with a spoon. Nobody teaches the infant to smile or frown forehead, but he does it. People of all nationalities and races repeat the same movement and same gestures accompany his speech.

It is surprising that the study of such a curious subject, engaged only in the late sixties of last century. And for the public such information became available only in 1970. Although non-verbal ways of communication have undergone relatively recently, everyone intuitively sensed and felt the value of gestures. The more sensitive people are, the more bright they feel the body language.

Women show a special sensitivity in understanding non-verbal signs. Such a familiar to all concept as women's intuition have aroused because of women’s sensitivity. Unconsciously women notice a disagreement of words and gestures, and then surprise their husbands 'unexplained' insight. In general, it is not surprising because women, when they become mothers, are forced to learn to understand their children without any words.

As we can see we get the basic gestures with the birth, then all of us can understand these gestures by some ways. It seems to be quite simple, so, what do we need the science of "body language" then? But in fact there are many acquired gestures and they can be explained and understood only by cultural and national identity. And intuition is not always enough for the description of these gestures.

Let’s think about what advantage people can get in front of others learning to read body movements. In the world of close contacts and interlocking interests ability to understand the other person, knowledge of ways of how to arrange it for yourself will help monitor the situation and find the best solutions in conversation.

I think that knowledge and understanding of body language gives us tremendous opportunities in the field of communication. We can arrange for a man, make him make the right decision, or, conversely, to understand whether he is speaking the truth, whether he wants to say something, whether he agrees with us. This is an important advantage that should not be overlooked in our competitive world. At the same time, it will help better understand the people in daily life that we can also consider the benefit from the knowledge of body language.

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