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Some words about pink glasses

Mass media were created to inform people about their surrounding in the shortest way. When nodividing the word “in-formation” you we'll see that it gets the meaning of “giving a form to some substance”. This substance is represented in journalism by people who can be modeled like clay because creating people’s mind is profitable to some power inside or outside the country. That’s why mass media is a serious weapon in today’s informational World War III.

It works like a hypnosis. Everyone can prove it when asking somebody about stereotypes – simple things which are so accustomed that we need to explain it no more. During such an experiment I asked few people about why did they buy a fir-tree for a New Year? Nobody could explain me logically. Moreover, I suppose most of people would hardly celebrate New Year if they knew initial history of this holiday.

But nobody will say this to mass because there is a great profit to many people who earns millions by selling fir- and pine-trees, decorations, presents etc. There is a censorship to symbolize a line which mustn’t be transgressed by mass media. Below this line journalists can jump freely. But jump an inch higher and you will pay a good price for this cool cheek. And it’s even more sadly when some reporters consider this space to be the freedom of press and speech.

That’s why only projects, which are “useful” to somebody’s pocket, can boast with good quality. Commercial mass-media always protect interests of their owners. And only pink glasses (made by journalists, of course) hides this truth from other people. There exist so many media now that people are bewildered whom to trust. I consider, that we are going to be puppets in this system which is hard to ruin. But I still believe something may change.

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