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Surely you thought about educational opportunities abroad. You might even have decided on the country in which they would like to learn. But something to stop you. You may think that studying abroad is expensive? In fact, in most of Europe higher education free of charge not only to citizens but to foreigners, subject to certain conditions.

The condition of the first: a free education abroad provide only public universities. The condition of the second: you can only learn for free on the official language. Thus, central to the education abroad is knowing the language of instruction. There are ways to get an education in English, but it is necessary to study in private schools, of course, for a fee. It should be noted that higher education in Europe can not be considered 100% free, in many countries, there are so-called fees or taxes, which are about 300-500 euros per year. In addition, accommodation, meals and textbooks to support themselves.

And there is an interest, whether the country has the right to work for international students. Usually students abroad can work about 20 hours a week. This is enough to pay for a hostel or apartment and provide themselves with all necessary.

If you have decided for themselves to study in the UK by all means, you can easily do so without having enormous resources. Higher education in the UK takes leading position in the world rankings for quality and prestige. Naturally, the study in the UK is expensive, as well as live. But in this case we can find a decent alternative to the world-famous British universities.

You can get a quality education at least in the so-called "young" university without a long history, but give a good education and a state diploma. Or learn not in England, and in Scotland and Wales.

Most universities in the UK are actively competing with each other and are willing to make concessions, involving students. For example, the University of Wales provides a stipend for living expenses for Ukrainian students. And do not forget about the opportunity to work legally in the UK, for Ukrainian students do that too. So, if you're determined to get a higher education in the UK, you do.

Among English-speaking countries that provide excellent higher education is to provide the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Rely on free higher education in these countries is not necessary, but it is quite possible to rely on scholarships or grants, both academic and athletic. And the opportunity to earn money while learning allows you to fully support themselves while studying abroad

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