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The European Union (EU)

The European Union (EU) is the most economically and politically successful UNION of countries in the world. This sort of union affects not only the countries within the EU, but also those outside it. The European Union is most likely the wisest and most reasonable union ever. It’s a well-known fact that people over there never complain of having a bad life, however they have different points of view about this fact.

The idea behind EU creation was not only to cement an economic union for the advantage of the nation states which formed it but also to stop the constant cycle of wars in Europe between its great nations. I would suggest that both these objectives have been achieved.

The EU is the largest society with common ideas, plans, democratic regimes, economies etc, where people successfully cooperate each other. All of these are positive factors. Even though there surely must be difficulties of living is such huge society; these are overcome with tolerance and understanding.

Actually, some of the EU countries were formerly from the USSR proper or from the socialist block. Back in that time they were completely separated from the rest of Europe by the so called Iron Curtain and had undemocratic regimes of a backward nature. Whereas now, twenty years since the fall of the Iron Curtain, all countries of the EU are considered equally democratic. Never mind the past and its problems, people in Europe are free, happy, delighted, and can expect a decent salary, medical care and social services.

Citizens of the EU can travel freely from one country to another. The movement of a working force in this manner is good for the economy. Of course, a union of so many countries is also very profitable economically when it works properly.

Most of the EU countries use the same currency; their laws are harmonized and so on. Due to this, an EU government can have some control over economy and in times of crisis protect it so that it doesn’t fall. This we have seen recently, the different governments have acted like one in order to promote growth and come out of the recession. These attempts were successful and we see the European economy growing again as national and central authorities support each other.

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages in the EU. For example, since EU is a cosmopolitan society, people may find it hard to put up with each other’s behavior, languages, customs, traditions etc. However, European citizens are given the protection of charters OF human rights and social security previsions, so this makes them really free to live their lives in peace and security.

In my opinion, the EU should accept all the countries of Europe such as Macedonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belorussia and may it be that one day all these nations be counted amongst its member states. Even Russia at some time in the future should also take its rightful place in a unified Europe as another European member. However, some of these countries have some economical and political issues which must be resolved first.

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