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An Ideal House

A person’s home is as much a reflection of his personality as the clothes he wears, the food he eats and the friends he spends his time with. Everybody has in mind an “ideal house” and an “ideal home”. How do I see my “ideal house”, how do I see my life there?

There are many kinds of dwellings, from town houses, which include terraced houses, semi-detached, detached houses, to country houses.

I want to live in my own house, maybe in a cottage in the suburbs. My house will consist of the ground and the first floor. There will be six rooms in it. In front of the house I will have a small garden with different flowers. I’ll also have a garage for my car.

Here is a brief description of the house I dream of. My bathroom is very good-looking: the walls are tiled in cream, the washbasin, the toilet are pastel pink. My towels are also pink. Then I go to the kitchen to have breakfast. It is always pleasant to cook in it because it is very comfortable. I make my tea and sandwiches and have breakfast. Then I go to my work, but in the evening “there is no place like home”. I have rest in the living-room. I can sit on the sofa and read or watch TV. Then I go to the bedroom. It is my favourite room. Here I sleep and see my sweet dreams.

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