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Fighting terrorism

Among the most effective counter-terrorism methods recently developed and used in the world, are deradicalization educational programs employing former terrorist leaders, detection and elimination of sources of material and financial support of terroristic groups, international cooperation and exchange of data concerning terroristic groups and individual terrorists, development of internal and international law-enforcement techniques of combating and preventing terroristic acts, information campaigns among the population concerning how to behave and what to do in case of terroristic menace.

Effective countering of terrorism is possible, but this effectivity requires certain efforts and expences on implementing measures listed above. International cooperation in aspects of data exchange, counter-terroristic activity in the media and Internet, and cooperative trainings of counter-terroristic squads of different countries. Future anti-terrorism efforts should be focused primarily on measures for early detection and preliminary neutralization of terroristic forces.

Main danger of most religious terroristic groups and organizations is their unshakable faith and conviction for their means are justified by the “noble purpose” of liberation of their nation or holy war against those who do not share their religious beliefs. This conviction may provide very strong motivations for terroristic actions and even self-destructing acts of suicide bombers.

But these radical beliefs are not necessary shared by the most part of terrorists countrymen, who aren't sharing religious fanaticism or ideological devotion of radicals. Regular people want to live in peace and safety regardless of their beliefs. And the tactics of terrorism, though may be very effective in short-run periods, in the long-run conditions, especially when faced with no diversified international counter efforts, will lead only to exhaustion of the nation and gradual rejection of terrorists by the society.

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